Sunday, March 16, 2008

The March Finalists...

The March auditions for the 3rd monthly preliminary search for the Amazing Philippine Singing Star 2008 was a daunting task for the audition masters last March 10, 2008 at the Amazing Philippine Singing Star rehearsal Studio at the top of the majestic Manila Film Center.

There were 79 applicants who were vying to fill in the 11 slots available for the March 29 competition. The audition process went as follows; the 79 applicants were ushered into the rehearsal room and were asked to sing without any background music in front of the five audition masters. The audition masters then voted "yes" or "no" to qualify an applicant for the second screening. The first screening yielded 48 applicants. The second screening basically followed the same process and it yielded 24 hopefuls for the third screening.

By the third screening, the applicants were allowed to sing with a minus one. The audition masters by this time did not vote openly and kept the votes for the deliberation that followed right after the performance. This process took a longer period of time as we had to consider a lot of variables including the spread of the demographics of the final eleven.

The entire audition period lasted from 4pm up to 11pm that day. But we were basically happy with the outcome. It was a difficult chore since there were so many talented applicants and choosing the best was really quite a task.

The March Auditions

The March Finalists

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pasaway said...

Hi! I was able to watch this last night. Very impressive! I never thought I'm watching this over Channel 13 bec of good video and production quality. Congratulations on a job well done.

Anyway, I also would like to ask when is the next schedule of audition? Is there an age limit? I'm currently a band singer and would really like to join this contest. Hope you could post audition sked on your next blog. Thanks and more power to you!